TCM “Spring Break” Film Festival 4/16-4/20, 2012

It's a Little Early, But Get Ready For Summer…

From April 16-20, TCM will pay tribute to the teen beach movies of the 1960s with nightly offerings of bikini-clad babes, tanned hunks, and rock 'n' roll music. Hosted by Tom Lisanti and Ben Mankiewicz.

TCM Press release: "TCM Spotlight: Spring Break – April 16-20 As millions of college students embark on the annual party pilgrimage known as Spring Break, TCM throws down a blanket and cranks up the radio with a five nights of non-stop fun. Favorites in the lineup include Where the Boys Are (1960), Gidget (1959), Beach Party (1963), Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) and Blue Hawaii (1961). Also featured are the TCM premieres of The Girls on the Beach (1965), Beach Ball (1965), Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965) and its inevitable sequel, Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (1966). Of course, not everyone heads to the beach for Spring Break, so TCM is setting aside April 20 for the snow bunnies, with Ski Party (1965) kicking off a triple feature on the slopes."

Don't miss Donna's performances in:

Muscle Beach Party: April 19th, 7pm PST, 10pm EST. Donna sings "Muscle Bustle" in a duet with Dick Dale.

Bikini Beach: April 19th, 8:45pm PST, 11:45pm EST. Donna sings "Love's A Secret Weapon".

Beach Blanket Bingo: April 19th, 10:30pm PST, 1;30am EST (4/20). Donna sings "It Only Hurts When I Cry".

Pajama Party: April 20th, 12:15am PST, 3:15am EST. Donna sings "Among The Young".

Souvenirs from the "Beach Party" Movies:

Vintage "Beach Blanket Bingo" Cartoon Organic Tee

"The Very Best of Donna Loren/Beach Blanket Bingo" Autographed CD


Donna Loren Releases New Digital Single

Donna Loren, 60's Pop Icon, Releases New Single for Digital Download

February 25, 2012, Los Angeles, CA  – The 1960's "Dr Pepper Girl" has released an original composition entitled "Moonlight Kisses" for digital download that is available on iTunes, Amazon and other major distributors and streaming music services. Ms Loren was the producer and sang all of the vocals on the track. She wrote the song in Sedona, AZ in 1995 after falling in love. The track was recorded in 2009 at Lava Track Studios in Hawaii. “It was a privilege to collaborate with Grammy Award-winning guitarist and Palm Records founder, Charles Michael Brotman. His masterful guitar playing and my stacked vocals is a wonderful marriage of West Coast meets Polynesia.” 

Download Here

"Donna Loren's music and acting pedigree reaches back to the 1960s. From her early days as the spokesperson for Dr Pepper to her singing performances in many of the Beach Party movies to her becoming a regular on the Shindig! television series, she established herself as a female teen idol…. It's nice to have Donna Loren alive and well and performing again. While she has connections back to the 1960's, she should not be considered a nostalgia act, as her sound has since been modernized." – David Bowling, BLOGCRITICS.ORG, April 5, 2011


Donna Loren’s Shindig! “The Love Connection” Live Valentine’s Concert, Monday 2/13



My Valentine to you… "The Love Connection"

As part of my "Donna Loren's Shindig" online concert series, you are invited to join me at my "Love Connection" Valentine's show on *, a LIVE online concert venue.This will be my 3rd concert in this series and will be very eclectic. I'll be singing some standards I sang in my youth and take on some heavy hitters that are more contemporary.

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Get your advance ticket before midnight, Feb 12th and receive a special “Love Connection” Singing Valentine from Donna!


Monday, February 13th at 6:25pm PST
8:25pm CST, 9:25pm EST

Hawaii 4:25pm • Rio 12:25am Tuesday 2/14 • Tokyo 11:25am Tues 2/14 Toronto 9:25pm
Sydney/Melbourne 1:25pm Tues 2/14 • Auckland 3:25pm Tues 2/14 Mexico City 8:25pm
London/Dublin 2:25am Tues 2/14 • Paris/Madrid/Berlin/Stockholm/Amsterdam 3:25am Tues 2/14 Athens 4:25am Tues 2/14 Hong Kong 10:25am Tues 2/14

Piano accompaniment by Carl Byron

Watch a clip from a previous Donna Loren's Shindig! concert

“Beach Blanket Bingo” on TCM 10/29 at 11:15pm PST

Donna sings her signature song, It Only Hurts When I Cry.

Airing on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) Saturday, October 29th at 11:15pm PST, Oct 30th at 2:15am EST. This appears to be TCM's last airing of BBB this season, so so if you haven't seen it recently, be sure to catch it this time around!

Review: "The classic beach movie of the 1960s, with Don Rickles and Buster Keaton adding their shtick to all the nonsense. Lots of great rock-and-roll." The Motion Picture Guide

Video Interview with The Recording Academy (6-6-11)

Video interview with Donna Loren at a music industry event at which she performed called Sunset Sessions Rock! on June 6, 2011 in Carlsbad, California. The Grammys organization interviewer, Daniel Mendoza, can hardly be heard, so we have included his questions below, by number. However, you should be able to hear Daniel with headphones.

1. Who has inspired you and who did you listen to early on?
2. What’s one of your greatest moments in your career?
3. So fantastic- such great history. Let’s talk about your comeback – so fresh! What is your creative process? What’s this journey about?
4. Amazing. That’s coming from such a truthful place and I think that art that comes out like that is so special and honest and its an expression for all the right reasons. We get away from that in this industry, but you’re right, it’s changing and evolving and exciting times. We were talking about Daniel Glass of Glassnote Records and some of the artists that he has are so fresh and passionate and inspiring. Is there anybody that you’re listening to right now?
5. That’s so cool!
6. I love that stuff.
7. Switching gears- we’re talking about the Grammy’s. Have you watched the show? Been to the show?
8. Is there a tidbit of advice- a golden nugget of information of just getting started for the students we at the Grammy’s offer assistance to?
9. Thank you

Donna Loren Featured in MF Magazine (1-9-11)

Donna Loren has been featured in the latest issue of MF Magazine! MF is a rad international, quarterly publication that blends the best in independent music, fashion, film and the arts in a revolutionary way. It's not what you typically see on your local newsstand. MF pushes the boundaries of the magazine industry by providing thought provoking interviews with equal presence to both the well known and lesser known names of the groundbreaking, independent thinkers who will shape our future. The magazine is available on the web and also in print.

Read the Interview