Donna Loren Performs at Sunset Sessions Rock!

Michele Clark’s Sunset Sessions and Sunset Sessions Rock! are music industry-only events that bring together radio stations from across the country, the top music supervisors from film, television and commercials, record companies, artist managers, publishers, and booking agents to expose them to the freshest new talent and treat them to some legendary favorites. June 2-5, 2011

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Donna Loren Live at Kulak’s

MAY 5, 2011, 8pm

An Evening with Donna Loren
Featuring Jamieson Trotter and the Band

First Performance in Decades – Go Donna!

A retrospective of Donna’s career in the 60’s as well as an intimate profile of original songs from her latest album, “Love It Away”

Kulak’s Woodshed
5230 ½ Laurel Canyon Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91607

Kulak’s is run by volunteers and supported by audience donations

New Interview on (5-1-11)

"Ah, the sixties! For many of the Baby Boomer Generation, that is considered the golden era of music, television, movies and cars. One thing that we began to witness in those years was music busting out beyond the radio and jukebox and began merging with TV and movies to sell stars, cars and soda pop. This was a wonderful, beautiful, creative perfect storm that captivated the attention of millions and turned stars and starlets into icons whose images are forever etched in our brains."

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“Love It Away” Album Review

"Love It Away" Album Cover

“Donna Loren is alive and well and back in the studio again. Last year she returned with her first album of newly recorded material in decades. Love It Away combined eight original compositions with seven cover songs. The production is crisp and her vocals remain clear and strong as she has what best can be described as a pure pop voice. The packaging contains the lyrics to the songs which is always appreciated, plus there are some nice pictures included as well. Love It Away is a nice comeback album for Donna Loren. Hopefully there will be more to come.”        -David Bowling, April 18, 2011

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