Donna Loren on “Plastic EP Beatles Hour” 6/7/2022

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with Special DJ Guest DONNA LOREN”

Seniors LifeStyle Magazine 3/7/2022

60s Pop singer Donna Loren traded fame for family

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Article by Nick Thomas

Donna on “The Scary Guy” Podcast (01/13/2021)

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Relax, refresh, this podcast’s fine, it’s Donna Loren time.Wow! A real 60’s icon and still writing and performing in 2021.We ask Donna for her secret to eternal youth, plus of course we delve in to her life and fame via The Mickey Mouse Club, becoming THE Dr Pepper Girl and appearing in Hollywood movies and classic TV shows.We also veer off to talk about spirituality, life, Donna’s parents, her childhood, segregation and positive energy.But we did have one question which we wanted to know the answer to… What did Donna say to Elvis Presley when he invited her back to Gracelands?


WATCH Donna’s TV Interview on Stu’s Show, Jan 24, 2018

"Stu Shostak, a dear friend, has a TV internet show! Stu used to do warm-up for iconic TV shows in the Golden Era of Television and the tone of his show resembles that era; tons of character and humor!" If you can’t view the video, there is also an audio simulcast. You can even send in your questions!

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About the Show: “What began as a protest toward the current television industry's continual snubbing of its history, its pioneers, and its heritage has blossomed into a series of over 500 broadcasts preserving classic TV and the people responsible for it. Each broadcast contains in-depth discussion of lives, careers, behind-the-scenes memories, as well as recollections of events and programs we all grew up watching!”



Interview: Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B. on WFMU 9/1/17

Donna's in-depth interview with Sheila Burgel of WFMU Radio in New York. In Sheila's words: "This may just be the best interview I’ve ever done, thanks to Donna’s honesty, openness, and compassion. She shared so openly about her experience as a child working in Hollywood, cutting records with California’s top music-makers like Glen Campbell and David Axelrod, starring on rock n’ roll TV show Shindig, and promoting Dr Pepper—all whilst being heavily guarded by her step-father and the Dr Pepper corporation."  Don't Miss It! Click Here