Video Interview with The Recording Academy (6-6-11)

Video interview with Donna Loren at a music industry event at which she performed called Sunset Sessions Rock! on June 6, 2011 in Carlsbad, California. The Grammys organization interviewer, Daniel Mendoza, can hardly be heard, so we have included his questions below, by number. However, you should be able to hear Daniel with headphones.

1. Who has inspired you and who did you listen to early on?
2. What’s one of your greatest moments in your career?
3. So fantastic- such great history. Let’s talk about your comeback – so fresh! What is your creative process? What’s this journey about?
4. Amazing. That’s coming from such a truthful place and I think that art that comes out like that is so special and honest and its an expression for all the right reasons. We get away from that in this industry, but you’re right, it’s changing and evolving and exciting times. We were talking about Daniel Glass of Glassnote Records and some of the artists that he has are so fresh and passionate and inspiring. Is there anybody that you’re listening to right now?
5. That’s so cool!
6. I love that stuff.
7. Switching gears- we’re talking about the Grammy’s. Have you watched the show? Been to the show?
8. Is there a tidbit of advice- a golden nugget of information of just getting started for the students we at the Grammy’s offer assistance to?
9. Thank you