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2014 Monkees Convention: Homage to ‘Princess Collette’

In preparation for the Monkees Convention this year I challenged myself to make a dress befitting the costume I wore as Princess Collette in the episode “Everywhere a Sheik, Sheik”. Off to the fabric store, Mood, to search for the perfect pink, … Continue reading

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Holy Redemption, Batman!

Home DVD Boxed Set of 60’s Batman TV Show Finally To Be Released in Late 2014! When I climbed into this vintage dress and jacket that I wore in my closing scenes of Batman as “Susie Gone Good”, memories of 1966 showed … Continue reading

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No Rain ~ No Rainbows

No rain, no rainbows is a very common saying in Hawaii. I’m going to diversify it and apply it to Mondays. Mondays get a bad rap. First day of the week. No more fun and free time on the weekend. … Continue reading

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Mad For Mad Men? Well, I Am!

Don Draper reminds me of the account executive at Grant Advertising who represented Dr Pepper  when I was chosen to be “The Dr Pepper Girl”. At the tender age of 16, I only knew the ‘business’ side of my  Don … Continue reading

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Fantasy Meets the Streets

Day 1. I’ve never done an event with this many people. A crowd of 50,000 was expected. I remember my son telling me that when he played drums with REM the first time, he walked onto a stage at a … Continue reading

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OK, it’s my birthday!

Turning 65 in a couple of hours. Kind of thrilling to be alive and celebrating this milestone. I am being very low key and I’ll tell you why. On February 21st, I quit caffeine! This was not a conscious decision. … Continue reading

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Chopped Salad~Personified

This salad takes a lot of the work that your digestion does and transfers it to your chopping skills. What you’ll need is everything but the kitchen sink. This salad is so versatile you may never make it the same … Continue reading

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Pinewood Studios UK

My Week with Marilyn kicked off a legendary trip back to a ‘Golden Age’ of film. Shot at Pinewood Studios in England, this homage is told from the vantage point of a lovestruck young man who worked on the set … Continue reading

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Veggie Reuben

This Holiday Season is reinventing itself at my home. Thanksgiving Day became a night out at the movies for Jered and I when our friends notified us that they were under the weather. We were prepared for a flexible feast; … Continue reading

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Finding Forgiveness

We all have it in us, so let’s tap into it! Seeing Harry Belafonte speak last night, I witnessed a man who listened to his mother at age seven when she took him aside to say “Harry, don’t you ever … Continue reading

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