Holy Redemption, Batman!

Home DVD Boxed Set of 60’s Batman TV Show Finally To Be Released in Late 2014!

Robin & Susie

When I climbed into this vintage dress and jacket that I wore in my closing scenes of Batman as “Susie Gone Good”, memories of 1966 showed up in my posture. To say I felt like a teenager all over again is an understatement.

And wow! I fit still into this  outfit . Wardrobe supplied me with only one outfit, for the cheerleader scenes, which was returned to Western Costume. All the other clothes were my own, including this. My habit of preservation has paid off. I love showing you memories from my Swingin’ Sixties career.

Fabric Content: Wool polyester, and the color has held up since 1966. It’s in pristine condition.




Robin and the ‘Girl Gone Good’






Batman, Robin & Susie



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8 Responses to Holy Redemption, Batman!

  1. Matt Nigro says:

    Holy too hot to handle! It fits perfect. It looks better than it did in 1966 and so do you. It’s as though time has stood still. Thanks for sharing this fabulous picture of you in that dress. Your the best!!!!

    Matt and Fam

  2. Shawn Nilsen says:

    “Holy Time Warp!” You as mesmerising now as you were then! I had a major crush on you. Thank-you for sharing this with us huge fans! Shawn

  3. Eric Flores says:

    Beautiful! Women are like fine wine, the older, the BETTER!!!

  4. Phil says:


  5. Sixties Music Friend says:

    WOW ! Donna !! That’s Really Sweet !!!

    Your Closet Is Full Of Cool Wonderful Memories !!!!…

    You fit into the “Susie Gone Good” outfit like your still on the Batman Show.
    I like to collect and wear vintage clothing too. Vintage clothing parties are a
    lotta fun, especially with, the music to go with the decade of the party. All
    your other clothes were your own including this one. Your habit of preservation
    has really paid off for you Donna. I love seeing your closet memories from
    your Swingin’ Sixties career days too. Thanks for sharing sweet lovely Susie !

    One Girl – Bobby Rydell
    One Boy – Joanie Sommers
    Dream Age – Bobby Rydell
    Boys – Donna Loren
    Forget Him – Bobby Rydell
    Don’t Be Afraid – Bobby Rydell
    All I Want Is You – Bobby Rydell
    I’ll Do It Again – Bobby Rydell
    It Only Hurts When I Cry – Donna Loren
    Wishin’ & Hopin’ – Donna Loren
    He’s My New Love – Linda Evans

  6. Ronald says:

    I just watched your Batman episodes on YouTube, then found this site through Google. I like the title “Holy Redemption” in contrast to “Holy Benedict Arnold” that Robin spouted once he realized Susie was taken in by the Joker. BTW, do you ever make contact with Adam West or Burt Ward? I watched every Batman episode when it was first run.

    I agree with the previous posters that the dress still fits you just fine. More power to you for being able to still wear it after all these years.

  7. donna loren says:

    I’m turning you on to my most recent reunions with Adam and Burt.

  8. Sixties Music Friend says:

    Hello Donna !

    What a wonderful vintage wardrobe of memories in your closet.
    Congratulations on your successful singing career. It’s so
    wonderful to be hearing and seeing you sing again from school.
    I’ll be waiting for the Home DVD Boxed Set of 60′s Batman TV
    Shows that will be released in late 2014.

    Venice High School Teenage Talent will never be forgotten !

    In 1955 my family moved from Buffalo, NY to Venice, California.
    I got lucky and won our amateur singing talent contest in high
    school. Then I went on to win honors as a vocalist with my
    high school band at Venice High.

    I remember and loved seeing you sing on Santa Monica Pier !

    Call Me – Donna Loren & Some Guy 1966 – Santa Monica Pier
    One Boy – Joanie Sommers – 1960 – LA
    Forget Him – Bobby Rydell – 1964 – Philly
    Where The Action Is – Joanie Sommers – 1965 – Hullabaloo
    Don’t Pity Me – Joanie Sommers – 1960 – LA
    It Only Hurts When I Cry – Donna Loren – 1965 – LA
    It Only Hurts When I Cry – Donna Loren & Rip Chords 2013 – LA

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