Out Of My Closet… 60’s Top

Look What I Found In My Closet!

During my designing days in Hawaii I paid homage to a pleated top that I originally wore in the Sixties (below).

The original blouse was made in cotton and buttoned up the back.

Modeled below by a young Australian teen, my new interpretation eliminated the collar. Instead of cotton I used a silk chiffon for a tropical climate. Warm breezes blow this light and luxurious top with what I called a ‘slinky’ skirt made from an exclusive French textile, also my design. Both were featured in my boutique at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu. BTW, the blouses sold like hotcakes at $199.

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6 Responses to Out Of My Closet… 60’s Top

  1. Proud Mother says:

    Dear Donna,

    That is a real pretty blouse Donna. You are very talented at making your own cloths. You would make any mother really proud, by becoming so self-respected with your sewing skills. I am teaching my daughter how to make her own cloths now. Donna you’re the kind of mother that I have always wanted to be like. Thank you for showing me how to make my
    own clothes over the years. I’m thankful that my ex-husband can’t steal my sewing skills too. Your Simplicity Patterns TV commercial in 1965 inspired me to start sewing, and so glad I did.
    At your attached link:
    You said “if I can sew, you can sew” I tried sewing, and I found that I really could sew. More importantly, I obtained the confidence I needed, that I
    can do anything if I just try it.

    I’m very thankful to you Donna 😉 😉

  2. Matt says:

    Wow! Talk about the essence of creativity. I can see why they sold like hotcakes. The photo of you wearing it is just awesome. I hope that closet of yours is huge. Keep it coming and thanks for sharing.

  3. Sunny says:

    Oh Donna !

    You are just as I remember you, the sun girl, the fun girl, from the
    sixties. You were always the best looking barefooted girl on the
    beach. I think, you think, that I had an eye for you, well, maybe.
    I promise never to fail you Donna, if I ever get a chance again.

    Put Me In Jail

    Since I Met You Baby

    Let Me Love You

    Smile Now, Cry Later

    Close Your Eyes

    Just A Dream

  4. Michael Buble says:

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  5. Moondogy says:

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  6. J W says:

    You Vocal Vixen you——-you'd make a grocery sack beautiful just by wearing it!

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