Lola, my Granddogger

Lola, an 8-year old English bulldog, stayed with me for the first time three weeks ago. I’ve known her since she was a puppy. Every time I’d visit my daughter in LA, while I was living in Hawaii, Lola and I played together… for hours.

A couple of months ago she suffered a heart attack which really slowed her down. She was put on three different medications. Now that I live in LA, I visit my daughter every week, with few exceptions, so I saw Lola each time. She was still happy to see me, but generally layed low in her bed. When my daughter announced to me that she was going on vacation, I volunteered to keep Lola at my house. The day she arrived, I was so excited to have her with me. I love her very deeply, as does anyone who knows about animal bonding. She literally was like a grandchild to me. After a couple of days orienting herself to our yard and where she needed to do her business, she completely fell in love with living here. I ran out to the local pet store to get her bones and chewey toys (pictured). In the morning when my husband and I were having tea, Lola would make herself at home between our feet, resting on an antique Navajo rug. She’d work her way under my seat, where she lay her face on a pillow beneath my chair and gnaw on her bone. Every once in a while I’d feel her head bump my bottom and that would make me giggle. Her bed was under my Grand Piano, covered in an antique Barcelona shawl. She’d enter her boudoir through the fringe and peacefully sleep through the night. The day Lola went home, she was so happy to see her “Daddy”, but what I didn’t know was that was the last time I’d ever see her. Lola died last Tuesday, October 1st. I miss her terribly. She left an incredible imprint on my life. It’s as though she’s still with me. I’m sure you know what I mean if you’ve ever loved an animal as much as I loved Lola. Even after they have departed, they’re always with you, deep in your heart.

Before I had grandchildren, Lola was my Granddogger!

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  1. Moondogy says:

    Oh Donna,

    I am sorry for everyone’s loss in your family Donna !
    Pets are our children’s best friends. Millions of young
    children must say goodbye to their pets before they are
    even 21 years old. For many, like me, their pet was their
    first experience of having unconditional love. Everyone
    of these children, at some time in their lives, get another pet.
    We do remember and do learn to love again. I have two
    large black and white male cats, Oreo and Tux.

    Turn on the sunshine and push the clouds away
    Turn On The Sunshine – Sally Field – Flying Nun
    Flying Nun look-a-like Jody Quine who needs wings to fly
    Save Me – Jody Quine – from cruel evil injustices
    It’s ok guys we’re liberated now, no one is gonna stop us now !
    60s Free Style Dancing – The Whiskey A Go Go
    Muscle Bustle – Donna Loren – Beachgirl
    Donna Loren look-a-like 5 feet 4 inches 125 pounds
    From This Moment – Celeste Kellogg – Beachgal
    Forever And For Always – Shania Twain – Oceangirl
    Backseat – Carina Round – Friends are all you need to know !
    We could make it look real couldn’t we ?
    Next Best Thing To Love – Moondoggie and Gidget
    Wait ‘Til You See My Gidget – Johnny Tillotson
    When we danced I held her tight
    Then I walked her home that night
    And all the stars were shining bright
    I wanted to let her know
    That I was more than a friend
    I felt so happy I almost cried
    Then I Kissed Her – The Beach Boys
    Come on pretty momma let’s go down to
    Kokomo – The Beach Boys
    Believe me when I say you are my love today
    I sit and watch the children play
    I sit and watch and as tears go by
    Smiling faces I see but not for me
    As Tears Go By – Marianne Faithfull

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