Bad In Plaid

We love plaid! Royal Stewart is the tartan I wore while rehearsing “Call Me” on the Milton Berle Show, 1966. The Beach Boys Pendleton shirt is almost as beloved as the band that made it famous. The magnificent Alexander McQueen designed until his recent death. For fashion, his plaid is incomparable.Bonny! Louboutin mastered this Royal Stewart tartan.Vivienne Westwood takes plaid to the extreme. I’d die for this dress.Burberry’s signature check is perfectly in tune with this season’s penchant for plaid. Quintessential Vivienne WestwoodAnother fan of plaid is Jeff Bridges as “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski, seen here in plaid shorts.

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One Response to Bad In Plaid

  1. Matt Nigro says:

    Plaid is so rad. I love it.

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