Snake In The Grass

There are always consequences of our actions. Just yesterday I changed out the song on the home page of my website to the cover I did of “Don’t Bring Me Down”, written by Jeff Lynne. My favorite line in it, “You’re lookin’ good just like a snake in the grass, one of these days I’m gonna kick your ass” (my liberty taken with original lyrics). Well, this morning as I bent down to water a potted jade plant, there below me lying on a patch of grass, is a young diamond-back rattler – rather cocked up when he heard me pouring the water. Where he chose to lay peacefully is the only patch of weeds I left remaining when weeding my gravel garden whose centerpiece is a bird bath. Hummingbirds, golden finches, blue jays and robins drink from that bath. And everyday I refresh it with fresh water because I know they rely on it. It’s completely awesome to witness my little sanctuary of birds and lizards, squirrels and raccoons, an occasional skunk and now the creature I used to fear most… a snake, resting in my garden.

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4 Responses to Snake In The Grass

  1. Andy Sywyk says:

    Snakes need lovin too

  2. Spacebeagle says:

    Years ago “You Bring Me Down” was playing from a car at a root beer stand quite loudly and during that line a girl got worked up and started banging on a nearby car. I don’t know why I remember that but maybe others did too because some definitely took notice. Maybe she went on to be a drummer in a rock band, or country.
    I’m still at least wary of snakes.
    I love Jeff Lynne.

  3. donna loren says:

    I guess unconsciously when I left that little patch of grass, a friendly habitat was there for a weary rattlesnake who needed a rest.

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