The Giving Trees

A quote from my son, when he was 17:
“Trees are anything you want them to be. They are always willing to let you climb on them, and there are always new branches to learn to climb on every tree.”

Across the lane from where I live are very old and tall Eucalyptus trees. They have provided shade, a sound buffer and a wonderful aroma in the air. Today, my neighbor has taken the action to take them down. I’m sure her reasons are valid and I have no issue with that aspect of the process. What disturbs me is knowing that where they once stood is now a big gaping hole. Instead of a habitat for the owls and hawks who made them their home and the squirrels who romped from branch to branch, only the memory now remains. Joni Mitchell’s lyrics come to mind: “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot”. 

Here’s documentation of my week-long tree surgeon time.


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