#9 Won’t You Come Home, Bill Bailey-Dr Pepper Celebrity Party (1963)

 Just me at the piano with The Challengers.

Take a look at this clip from the Dr Pepper Celebrity Party I co-hosted with Dick Clark in 1963. This is my 9th and last posting of highlights from this unique event in rock history. They are all numbered and posted on my Blog (under Music, Film, TV) if you missed any.

1902 Sheet Music

(Won’t You Come Home) Bill Bailey”, originally titled “Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home?” is a popular song published in 1902. It is commonly referred to as simply “Bill Bailey”.Its words and music were written by Hughie Cannon (1877–1912), an American songwriter and pianist. It is still a standard with Dixieland and traditional jazz bands. The simple 32-bar chord sequence of its chorus also underpins many other tunes played mainly by jazz bands, such as “Over the Waves”, “Washington and Lee Swing”, “Bourbon Street Parade”, “My Little Girl”, and the final themes of “Tiger Rag” and “The Beer Barrel Polka”. – Wikipedia


Arthur Collins



Most probably the first ever recording of Bill Bailey was by Arthur Collins in 1902. You can hear a clip of the song here.

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One Response to #9 Won’t You Come Home, Bill Bailey-Dr Pepper Celebrity Party (1963)

  1. Anna Waronker Fan says:

    My Little Drummer Girl !
    A Sight For My Sore Eyes !
    She’s Is So Beautiful To Me !
    Beautiful – Anna Waronker _ Moondogy says your still beautiful Mom !
    California Fade – Anna Waronker – I’ll take you for a ride !
    I Wish You Well – Anna Waronker – I wish you love !
    The Way Of Love – Donna Loren – The way of love is the way of war !
    It’s Alright – Donna Loren – I know how I long to be needed !
    Love’s A Secret Weapon – Donna Loren – It’s time you started to believe !

    Your Dr Pepper Celebrity Party you co-hosted in 1963 with Dick Clark
    was one of the neatest and grooviest things happening in the sixties.
    Thank you so much for your really cool sweet music clips.

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