Vibrant Pink Bunny

My little granddaughter was born in the Chinese Astrology Year of the Rabbit. She is my very own Bunny!

This little pink bunny symbolizes the joy children receive celebrating Easter with the ritual of Easter Egg Hunts, dipping cooked eggs into colorful food dyes and digging through their Easter baskets finding jelly beans and chocolates.

Vivid memories of mine are reading the Easter Story to my son when he was only three and his response to the story of Jesus’ Resurrection. At the time it was his favorite story!

I tried to expose other beliefs to my children as well as the Jewish faith we inherited. I have never ‘practiced’ religion; my preference is Universal Wisdom which may paint a bigger picture for an individual in making their own decisions as they enter into their belief system for their life.

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8 Responses to Vibrant Pink Bunny

  1. Stageit Artists says:

    Love your Sweet Pink Bunny Hopping !

    Happy Easter Donna ! We love our Jelly Beans too !

    Nothing Like Us Justine Bieber – Mia Rose
    When You Were Mine Rachel Kays
    I Can See – How To Love With You – Sierra Noble
    But I Try – Michelle Rene – To love you so much
    Keep On Loving Me – Aysha – LA Blues Baby
    Leather and Lace – Stevie Nicks and Her Voice Coach
    Just A Kiss – Karla Davis – In the Moonlight
    Leather and Lace – Sara Evans and Her Voice Coach
    He Loves To Make Me Cry – Kristen Kelly
    Why did you make me cry too on The Voice ?
    Should Have Said Yes – Casey Weston
    Drive – The Trishas
    For Bradley – Jody Quine
    Rock-n-Roll falls in love with Country Music
    A Rockin’ Good Way to fall in love – Shaken Stevens and Bonny Tyler
    Don’t Say You Don’t Remember – Marie Osmond
    I Knew You When You Were Lonely – Linda Ronstadt
    I’ll Never Find Another You – The Seekers
    I Knew You When You Were Lonely – Billy Joe Royal
    Shakin’ All Over – Promo Video – Donna Loren

  2. Shakin' Stevens says:

    Happy Easter Donna ! Your One In A Million !

    I had girl, Donna was her name
    Since she left me, I’ve never been the same
    Oh Donna – Shakin’ Stevens
    Moondogy_lets his Modern PS3 Woman Live
    So she can sing to him in 300 languages
    Modern PS3 Woman has a Human Heart of Gold
    The New Technology Woman for The Modern Man
    Cry Just A Little Bit – Shakin’ Stevens
    Too Many Fish In The Sea – Donna Loren
    Call Me- Donna Loren – Hollywood A-Go-Go Girl
    Your One In A Million – Northern Soul
    Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Jefferson Starship – Movie Mannequin
    Somebody To Love – Cathy Richardson and Jefferson Starship
    I Must Be Dreaming – Willy DeVille

  3. Moondogy says:

    On The Beach – Cliff Richard and Susan Hampshire
    The Young Ones – Cliff Richard and Carole Gray
    I’m sure of this now you were meant for me
    Because Your You – Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon
    To you I’m just a friend, that’s all I’ve ever been
    You Don’t Know Me – But I loved you so – Patty Paige
    Lessons In Love – Cliff Richard and Carole Gray
    Bad Lesson In Love – Cliff Richard and Rita Webb
    Among The Young – Donna Loren – That’s the way it’s done

  4. Orna and Matthew Walters says:

    Happy Easter Donna !

    It’s that time of year again…. Spring Into Action Time!
    Our 3rd annual Love On Purpose Revolution is here!
    We have gathered together the TOP EXPERTS in our industry
    to bust the myth that love is supposed to happen by accident.
    We’re going to show everyone step-by-step how to have it all.
    A great love life in a world of many unloved lost souls. 
    Real lasting love is an intentional process and these experts
    are here to show us HOW to make it work in our lives!
    It’s absolutely FREE .…and it’s happening on our computers.

    I’m Hooked On A Feeling – BJ Thomas
    Knowing Me Knowing You – ABBA (Memories with me always )
    The Glory Of Love – Peter Cetera – I am a man who will fight for your honor!
    The MP3 Jukebox – continuous play of songs

  5. The Young Rascals says:

    Hello Donna ! We’ll See You Real Soon !

    I’ve Been Lonely Too Long – The Young Rascals
    Call Me – Donna Loren – Tell me and I’ll be around ?
    A Girl Like You – The Young Rascals
    Come On Up – The Young Rascals
    Good Lovin’ – The Young Rascals
    I’m ready to Rock-n-Roll all night long !
    Don’t send me no letters cause I can’t read ?
    The Band Moondog Matinee (with The Shindogs & Donna Loren) – I’m Ready to Shindig

  6. Beach Boyfriend says:

    Baby Now That I found You – Foundations
    My Baby Loves Love – White Plains
    Baby It’s You – Smith – Don’t want nobody but you
    Surfin’ was fun we’d be out in the sun everyday
    Beach Baby – The First Class – I never though it would ever end
    Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – Sarah Brightman
    Think of Me Sarah Brightman – Angel of Music – Why didn’t you ever say you loved me ?
    Over Again – Stamps – Lover’s Revenge for not being enough for you
    Would you please sing Midnight Train To Georgia for me ?
    Can I get to blow the whistle for you ? Woo ! Woo !
    Midnight Train To Georgia – Erin McCamley – He dreamed he’d be a star
    Hand off, stop there, cause your lies might get you somewhere
    I could be the last of your romances, but I’m not taking no chances
    Hands Off – Donna Loren – Don’t touch, cause I could learn to care to much

  7. Elvis Presley Fan says:

    We splashed in the waves and played on the beach
    Regret – New Order – That I didn’t marry you !
    I was at a dance, when he caught my eye
    Standing all alone, looking sad and shy
    We began to dance, swaying to and fro
    Soon, I was at the moon and the stars above
    Blame It On The Bossa Nova – Eydie Gorme & Steve Lawrence
    The Secret Way You Hold My Hand
    Let’s Me Know That You Understand
    All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings – Donna Loren
    Pocketful Of Rainbows – Elvis Presley & Juliet Prowse – GI Blues
    Who wants to buy one broken lover’s heart ?
    Some guys have all the luck, but my heart hasn’t any
    I think I’ll paint a sign, for sale for a penny
    One Broken Heart For Sale – Elvis Presley
    Everyday, I think why did she leave me broken hearted ?
    Into My Heart – Donna Loren – You must come into my heart ?

  8. Momma 's Baby says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Mom !
    Rock A Bye Baby Lullaby
    Happy Mother’s Day Mom !
    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    Happy Mother’s Day Mom !
    I f Your Happy And You Know It
    Happy Mother’s Day Mom !
    Wheels On The Bus
    Happy Mother’s Day Mom !
    ABC Song
    Happy Mother’s Day Mom !
    Row, Row, Row Your Boat
    Happy Mother’s Day Mom !
    Old MacDonald
    Happy Mother’s Day Mom !
    I’m A Little Teapot
    Happy Mother’s Day Mom !
    This Old Man
    Happy Mother’s Day Mom !
    Incy Wincy Spider

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