Deke’s Bitchin’ Guitar

Deke Dickerson, impresario of the “Deke Dickerson Guitar Geek Festival”, paid me the honor of accompanying me singing my surf-rock classic, “Muscle Bustle”, on Friday night. His stage was filled with a classic rock ‘n rock band including horns, two go-go dancers and my background singers. Deke makes singing my old music FUN. His interpretation of Dick Dale was Spot On!


Read Festival Write-Up in L.A. Record

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3 Responses to Deke’s Bitchin’ Guitar

  1. Mike Brown says:

    Great stills Donna, but I know there is at least one video out there.


  2. Beach Music Fan says:

    Oh Wow ! Groovin’ and a Movin’

    What a terrific California Dreamin’ Ocean Show
    Deke and Donna are the Grooviest Cats in town !

    Two young teens from Boston become
    big sixties Beach & Surf Music Stars
    Muscle Bustle – Dick Dale & Donna Loren – Queen of Beach Music
    Surfin’ & Swingin’ – Misirlou – Wedge – Dick Dale – King of Surf Music
    Do you remember when
    We were so young and fearless
    And I shot wild surf curls for you
    Malibu was our heavenly getaway
    Girls in bikinis steal the show
    Walking down the beach to and fro
    Boys teaching all the girls the latest dance
    Among The Young- Donna Loren – Pajama Party Tonight
    Pajama Party Tonight Don’t Be Late – Annette Funicello
    Prince and Princess of Beach Music
    Because Your You – Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello

  3. Donna Loren Fan says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Donna !

    Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing
    Woman In Love – Donna Loren
    Tell Him – Linda Ronstadt – That your always gonna love him
    The Lady Loves Him – Elvis Presley
    Suspicious Minds – Carola Haggvist
    Every time you leave me
    My heart breaks into
    Half the world is waiting for you
    Half the world is waiting to hold you
    Half the world is waiting to love you
    You will never be alone
    My Love – Petula Clark – Everyday I want you more
    I’m Just A Little Girl – Donna Loren
    It’s Only Love – The Beatles – But it’s so hard loving you

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