Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Oh, I Love Christmas!

The spirit of giving is a natural phenomenon. Truly, doesn’t it make you feel good when you’ve thought of someone, then see their response when you deliver your message of good will or a big package with a shiny red ribbon?

My Holiday Wish for All is to retain this Spirit throughout the year and give from the bottom of your heart.

I Love You, Donna

                                            Shindig Christmas Special (aired 12-23-64)

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One Response to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

  1. Moondogy says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

    Please Don’t Stop Loving Me – Elvis Presley
    I missed you last night !
    With The Wind & The Rain In Your Hair – Donna Loren
    When I found you !
    I Got Lucky – Elvis Presley
    I’m The King Of the World
    I can see the Statue-Of-Liberty already
    Our flying speed will be
    Trust Me To Fly My Love
    You’re The Queen Of The World
    Yeah Baby ! Yeah Baby !
    Love me Baby ! Love me Baby !
    Like you loved me before !
    Before you walked out that door !
    Ole Baby ! Ole Baby !
    It’s time for good times again !
    For you to sing sweet music again !
    Merry Christmas Baby – Donna Loren
    Donna “Tell Me You Get Lonely” – Frankie Ballard
    Feliz Navidad Muñeca !
    Guantanamara – Rumba – May I please have this dance ?
    Skakin’ All Over – Donna Loren
    Shakin’ All Over – Vince Taylor
    Merry Christmas Baby !
    Every time you leave me !
    My heart breaks into !
    Half the world is waiting for you !
    Half the world is waiting to hold you !
    Half the world is waiting to love you !
    Donna you will never be alone !
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

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