All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings

To commemorate my final performance on Shindig which aired 11-20-65, I’m celebrating this November Full Moon by sliding into the original Hawaiian Holoku I wore on that occasion. You’ll see behind me in the vintage video a view of Waikiki, my home for 7-years. In the distance, the landmark Royal Hawaiian Hotel in all its pink glory, conjures up aromas of pineapple, coconut and mai tais with little umbrellas as well as salty ocean breezes and Duke Kahanamoku.

The show was filmed at Magic Island on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii and was one of the few times myself or anyone else didn’t sing live on the show. 

Vintage Hawaiian Holoku 2012

Original Label

Original 1965 Shindig video:

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2 Responses to All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings

  1. Matt Nigro says:

    That dress looks as good on you now as it did then, if not better. Like Hawaii your beauty is timeless.

  2. Donna Loren Fan Club says:

    Holiday Wishes from the Donna Loren Fan Club

    Hawaii misses and loves you so much ! Mahalo !
    Mele Kalikimaka and Hau’oli Makahiki Donna !
    Your still so beautiful singing in pretty flower dresses !
    We remember your songs with beautiful flowers in your hair !

    Wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas !
    May our new year bring us Love, Joy, and Laughter !!
    Wishing that all our dreams come true Happy New Year !!!

    Let’s go surfin’ again just like we did on Malibu Beach ?
    Ride Ride the “Wild Surf” – Annette Funicello – We gotta take that one last run !
    Girls in bikinis steal the show !
    Walking down the beach to and fro !
    Among The Young – Donna Loren – Where there’s a him for every her !
    The Young Ones – Cliff Richard and Toni – Young hearts shouldn’t be afraid !
    Let’s go surfin’ again just like we did at Waimea Bay ?
    Ride Ride the “Wild Surf” – Jan and Dean – We gotta take that one last run !
    Let’s go dancing on the beach again soon ?
    On The Beach – Cliff Richard singing & dancing
    Magic Spell – Annette Funicello – We began to dance to and fro !
    It is the moon and the stars above !
    A Girl Needs A Boy – Annette Funicello – To love her each day !
    Can’t wait till I see and hear you sing again !
    There Has To Be A Reason – Tommy Kirk & Annette Funicello
    I know Donna you’re the reason why I feel this way !
    My heart is beating just for you Donna !
    Heartsbeats – Dick and Dee Dee – Show me long tender kisses just for me ?
    Woo Baby ! Rock Me ! Rock Me ! A little while !
    Take Me In Your Arms – Donna Loren
    He sees you when your sleeping !
    Santa Clause Is Coming To Town – Michael Buble
    He knows if you been bad or good !
    Santa Clause Is Coming To Town- Donna Loren

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