Glen Campbell Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Glen Campbell received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Malibu Music Awards and I couldn’t wait to see him. For this occasion, I decided to wear a lace La Perla body suit with a pair of capris I bought in Sweden. My accessories were a pair of Andrea Phister heels and a special necklace my husband, Jered, gave me on the Island of Lanai. The ride to Malibu was a breeze.  After a tedious 3 1/2 hours of dolling out dozens trophies to community entertainers, an act called Victoria Ghost stepped on the stage. They announced they were the ‘Campbell Kids’, a cute girl playing mandolin and banjo, her brother on guitar and a friend on stand-up bass.  The crowd loved them and asked for more. Then Glen’s daughter caught sight of him standing at the edge of the stage and called to him “Daddy, want to play dueling banjos?” He walked on stage and I began to weep. I could tell that his Alzheimers was, in fact, degenerating his ability to sing Gentle On My Mind. Without his daughter helping to orient him to the song, he would have been at a loss. But, oh those fingers moved like lightening on his fret board.

Glen, myself and Jered at Malibu Music Awards

Reuniting with Glen backstage left me trembling with joy. He was happy to see me and gave both my husband and I a generous hug. Glen and I first met in 1961 when we both recorded for Crest Records and Publishing. He played guitar on my record Hands Off (1962) and was part of The Wrecking Crew on many of my other recordings. We also worked together on many Shindig shows when we were both cast members.

Glen with his loving daughter, Ashley

Shindig rehearsal with Glen Campbell, Feb 3, 1965. Oh, that Bobby Sherman was really pulling my leg!

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3 Responses to Glen Campbell Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

  1. Roger says:

    I am soo happy for Glen to receive this award – He has really earned it. He has one of those very pleasing voices.

  2. Sixties Music Fan says:

    Thanks for the exciting music memories from the sixties !
    It is so wonderful is see and listen to you fantastic singers !
    Thank you all so very much for all of our listening pleasures !

    The Walker Brothers, Glen Campbell, Bobby Sherman, Donna Loren – Medley (Shindig 1965)
    Let It Be Me – Glen Campbell & Daughter Debby Campbell 2009
    Dream Baby – Glen Campbell (Shindig 1965)
    Crying – Glen Campbell (Shindig 1965)–UM&feature=autoplay&list=PL5CE16279F85CB75B&playnext=3
    It Only Hurts When I Cry – Donna Loren – 1965
    Sandie Shaw “Trains, Boats, and Planes” 1969
    All Of Sudden My Heart Sings – Donna Loren – Hawaii Shindig 1965
    Love Is A Many Splendored Thing – 1955
    William Holden and Jennifer Jones with Andy Williams singing

  3. USA Sixties Shindig Fan says:

    USA Shindiggers of the sixties were the most grooviest cats of all time !
    Thank you for the exciting music memories from those TV Shindigs in the USA !
    We love and appreciate you sharing those wonderful Shindigs with us again on youtube !

    The Walker Brothers, Glen Campbell, Bobby Sherman, Donna Loren – Medley (Shindig 1965)
    Dream Baby – Glen Campbell (Shindig 1965)
    All Of Sudden My Heart Sings – Donna Loren – Hawaii Shindig 1965

    Oh My Baby Sylvie Vartan
    Why! Why! Baby! Why!
    You Made Your Choice
    You found another man
    To give up your heart too
    It doesn’t matter anyhow
    You don’t come around anyway
    I can find another woman
    To make her choice
    Your somebody else’s baby
    So now that your gone
    Stay out of my way
    And off of my mind
    I’m gonna find me
    Another woman who
    Truly loves only me
    I Made My Choice – Sylvie Vartan – I’m gonna find me another man !
    Canadian songwriter Andy Kim writes the USA # 1 hit song Sugar Sugar !
    Sugar Sugar – The Achies Ron Dante – Sugar you are my candy girl !
    Canadian Rock Star Andy Kim – I have never been loved like this before !
    Rock Me Gently – Andy Kim – Ain’t it good ain’t it right !

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