Let’s Have A Party! Be My Valentine

Why not consider merging your love of vintage music with the internet? Vintage meets the 21st Century! My third online concert in the Donna Loren’s Shindig! series is on February 13th @ 6:25pm pst. It’s called The Love Connection and it will be broadcast worldwide on StageIt.com, a virtual stage that allows LIVE musical performance while interacting with fans. I will be singing an eclectic mix of my favorite love songs for Valentine’s Day. A front row seat to a backstage experience!

This is an interactive venue, so be sure to say hello and where you’re watching from. And, invite your friends who love music to watch from wherever they are by sending them this link, Then, re-connect to share your experience. 

Blowing a kiss to you and your friends.



Watch a clip from a previous online concert:

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4 Responses to Let’s Have A Party! Be My Valentine

  1. Matthew Nigro says:

    To hear you sing is always a pleasure. To watch you sing is like watching magic performed. I’m left awe struck and jaw dropped everytime. I would not miss this Shindig performance for the whole World. All the best Donna.

  2. Donna Loren Fan says:

    Oh Donna ! Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

    Be My Valentine Donna
    You are my unchained melody
    We Can Sweat To The
    Rhythm Of Love Till The Morning Sun
    I’m The King Of the World
    Let’s Go Swim With The Dolphins
    Our flying speed will be
    Trust Me To Fly My Love
    You’re The Queen Of The World
    Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart
    Donna you are so exciting !
    You are my poetry in motion
    May I have this dance please?
    Dick Dale and Donna Loren Muscle Bustle
    Donna Loren Among The Young
    Donna Loren Into My Heart
    I am really so so excited can’t wait !

  3. stageit artist says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Donna !

    Way to go ! That’s how you sing on stageit !

    We all loved your Shindig “The Love Connection” Show on stageit.
    I’m Jenna Bryson, a LA girl too, who loves to connect on stageit as well.
    I wrote a song for Valentine’s Day, and I would like to share it with everyone.

    My song is called “Love You, Too”
    It is free to download this week for everyone.

    You know we stageit artists have to stick together to support our love of music.
    Wishing us more warm loving music, it is our way of life.

    Music Hearts xoxo 😉 😉

  4. Stageit Friends says:

    We all wish you a very Happy Birthday Donna !

    Celebrate!! Have lots of fun and laughter on your birthday !
    America’s Shindig Sweetheart Donna Loren has still got it !!
    We all loved your wonderful valentine show thank you so much !!!

    I guess everyone must climb their own mountains in their own way:

    You need to watch over your heart Donna !
    Did you marry for the money?
    Take a lover in the afternoon.
    I think you got to slow down,
    before you start to blow it.
    I think your headed for a breakdown!!

    Happy Birthday Donna !!!

    Laura Branigan “Gloria”

    Happy Birthday Donna!!!
    Let’s Have A Party!!!
    Sally Carr here from the Middle of the Road Donna
    “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep”

    Happy Birthday Donna!!!
    Neil Sedaka “Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen” Shindig

    Happy Birthday Donna!!! Shadows
    Watch out for the British in the moonlight shadows Donna.

    Happy Birthday Donna!!!
    “In the morning mist two lovers kissed and the world stood still.”
    Connie Francis “Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing”

    Happy Birthday Donna!!!
    Let’s go dancing in the dark Donna?
    Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse
    Ray Conniff “Dancing In The Dark”

    Happy Birthday Donna!!!
    Come Along ! We’re all going on a summer holiday to Paris.
    Cliff Richard “Summer Holiday”

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